Concept and objectives

With-Me ecosystem provides and supports safe and secure seamless monitoring and persuasive guidance anytime and anywhere for healthier behaviours. With-Me ensures continuity of personalised assistance from lifestyle improvement to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and care. By considering this large scope of use the With-Me system will work under a wide range of evolving constraints resulting from the shifts of

  1. responsibilities (consumer to doctor),
  2. stakeholders (lifestyle to care),
  3. functionalities and requirements, and
  4. business model (consumer market to reimbursed).

Consumers are increasingly considering health and wellness as an area they have to take personal responsibility for; they are becoming more pro-active. At the same time there are clear and proven benefits about self-monitoring and self-control [Quinn2010].

With-Me aims at providing a health prevention platform and personalized services in order to improve the general health condition and to prevent occurrence from a range of diseases. For that purpose With-Me is designed around three pillars:

  1. an embedded platform for multivendor nomadic sensors,
  2. an interoperable intelligent sensors for wellbeing monitoring and
  3. an open architecture for persuasive electronic services.

The result of the With-Me project will be a customizable, adaptive, assistive and yet secure training/supporting solution according the way a person prefers and needs. This personalized assistant is an interoperable ICT-based application that provides, mainly, seamless guidance and promotion of physical activity both indoors (in-home, gym club) and outdoors (joy parks, open-air exercising, children's playground, nature reserves, etc.) as well as healthy life (weight, diet, sleeping habits, and stress management).
With-Me technologies and applications are innovative as it can also guide, assist and motivate users during the care cycle.

While other projects focuses on a specific domain (sensors communication, knowledge gathering, etc), With-Me offers a complete (from sensors to end users) and open (standardized interface) solution.

El proyecto With-Me está cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo